GEOMETRICA Legging by #myinnerfire #innerfireluminary inspired this yesterday, with Love xox

After a hot class in my favorite room in the world my husband came to see me after Cross-fit at Studio Yama and took some picture on my in my new favorite legging, the Geometrica.

The world is based upon science, geometry, algebra, etc. I’m wearing a semblance of balance of an equation of the puzzle that is life.

I’m glad I’m here, coz here I found difficult people (read my hard core mentor Todd, who hates my personnality and my gots like not possible) but at the same time, I love him very much to have created that doubt in my mind. made me be the person I am. I know what I want to do in life, I know I want to be the BEST teacher I can be, I want to know every attache of every muscle to every nerves. 🙂 So thank you for that, even if you made me cry.

Being francophone in a group of anglos, not easy at all either. I can sing the song I WILL SURVIVE, coz that ‘s the way I manane things. Funny though, all the francophne in the group, were always on to get a beer all together after, but not the anglo, why ? We are just the best ?!?!?! LOL I’m kidding here.

Now my personal geometry is telling me 180 degree flat in my bed sweatheart.

Love, M-J xox

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