Busy or Full ?

A great yoga teacher, Nigel Walker, posted something today on his Facebook page and I simply loved it. 

It’s an ascertainment of the power of words and their implication in our life. The impact of the choice of words we use in our language everyday. 

Here it goes.

The power of words by Nigel Walker

In my quest to remove certain words from my vocabulary, and as an experiment, I’ve started replacing the word ‘just’ with ‘simply’ and the word ‘busy’ with ‘full’.

You can run around the block or simply walk.
I simply wanted to see how you are were doing.

My week is quite full, how about next week?—-The word ‘just’ tends to imply that something is less than, and used in certain contexts it takes power away from the speaker. In contrast, the word ‘simply’ has a polite ease to it.The word ‘busy’ is a stress word. It implies that I’ve got TOO much going on and not enough time to get it done. In contrast, the word ‘full’ implies the idea of completeness. It says “I’ve got my fill but it’s manageable”.

What are some words you’d like to remove from your vocabulary and what can you do to replace them?

What do you think about his text ?

I would like to suppress so many words I say, for example, “mediocre”, “frustration”, “pain”, and so many more words I say in French 🙂 But I’m quite not sure how I could replace those words ?

I believe with everything happening in the world in the last couple of weeks, there is a lot of words that shouldn’t exist, like terrorist, terror, pain, agression, religion, extremist, faith, and so many others.

I’m a person of words, I talk a lot and have opinion almost on everything 😉 sometimes maybe a bit too much. I could say that the expression “too much” applies a lot to me. At the same time, without the words I speak, I wouldn’t be myself. I guess you could say that I put my foot often in my mouth, sometimes I regret, sometimes not, because I believe, that I had the right to speak up, to express myself, even if sometimes it creates pain. I hate that word.

Yoga brought something important to me, a way to express myself through movement, through silence and the breath. Yoga is my way to forget for a moment, the chaos in my life, my “full” life, like Nigel would say. 

Each and every time when I’m practicing yoga and going through a sequence of “Dancing warrior”, I stop thinking, I breathe. That’s my way to get out of my head and my full life. My way of creating some space in my head, through movement and the breath and letting go of all the words I speak or shouldn’t speak.

I hope Nigel’s idea, an some of my words, will have an impact on you. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow or some other day 🙂


Love, M-J xxx

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