A good yoga teacher

Andrée-Anne and more recently, Véronique, two yoginis in my class, finished their Savasana and came to talk to me and said they LOVED my class and came along other yogis. Vero said that in her years and years of practice, she never took a class where she learned that much (wow ! getting flowers here, where’s the flower pot ? lol) and Andrée-Anne told me she felt like a stalker taking only my yoga classes. AMAZING ! So they like what I do, what I teach, where I bring them in my class. It touches my heart so deeply.

That’s where I say : “try other teachers, see the difference, be open to other way to teach and then you’ll know what is good for you and why”. It takes time to know if you like a teacher or not, don’t judge after one class, maybe the sequence that day, wasn’t something for you, maybe next practice will uplift you. The most important thing of all in my opinion : “if the teacher put you in downward dog at the 3rd posture: get out  and run!”

You spend your entire day, sitted (wait to see my next article on the sitting posture illness, coming in April), most of us don’t stretch many time a day. You come to class, with internal rotated shoulders, head reaching forward, shoulder blades up to your ears, feet turn out, and no opening in the hips. Whatever kind of yoga class you go in, a proper yoga teacher will work your body to warm it up in all the places you will need to go further in the practice.

Some body parts need to be opened, some lengthened, some strengthened, without the proper preparation of those muscles, how do you want to bring your students into Svarga Dvijasana commonly named Bird in Paradise, if you haven’t stretched properly your hamstrings and all the adductors group and calf muscles, opened your pectoralis minor and pectoralis major, lengthened your biceps brachii, strengthened your teres minor, subscapularis, infraspinatus and supraspinatus ? What about strengthening your ankle muscles, the quadriceps (group of 4 muscles) and gluteus maximus, medius and minimus and oh the psoas? Every step of the practice is supposed to be built to bring you to those hard poses being ready to enter them.

So my advice to you : make sure the teacher knows what they are doing, go into a practice thinking about being safe first, is something feel wrong, it’s probably because it is wrong, and remember, it’s not because all the other participants are going into the pose that you have to do it too !

Have a safe practice.

Love, Live, Light

Marie-Julie xox

@myinnerfire #myinnerfire #innerfireluminary

Captured in Varadero, Cuba at Ocean Vista Azul - MarieJulieyoga.com

Captured in Varadero, Cuba at Ocean Vista Azul – MarieJulieyoga.com

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