Eyes-Free yoga

We are animals, and like any kind of animals, we were made to use our senses. We developped our vision, which is pretty obvious to almost all of us. Bats don’t have eyesight, but uses their “radar” system to echo the obstacles and fly anyway, isn’t it amazing ?

Our balance is integrated in our brain, and in our tissue. We feel and vibe, in micro seconds our brain makes thousands of decisions according to feeling, emotions, temperature, balance, etc. Our internal ears are responsible for our balance, adding to that, our eyes help us to complete this state of being grounded, neutral. Without even knowing it, your body balance itself, that’s how you don’t fall while standing, just because your body feels.

Smells put you into a state of mind, into memory lane, sometimes it brings you to a bad place (Spring and dog shit smell ;), or the spaghetti sauce your mother use to cook, hum. That’s one of the reason I use eucalyptus and mentol oil in my class, sometimes lavender for the yin classes, because smells helps you relax and focus. Hum I love a good smell, think about something you like to smell, for me it’s red wine, strawberries and chocolate, pineapples, and fresh flowers. How those favorites smells make you feel ?

The sound of a voice or a song, noises of any kind, we have emotional reaction to noise. But also, how important are your two ears to listen, understand, comprehend ? Without your hearing, you need your eyes, but there is so much you’ll be missing.

Without the touch, how would you feel the ground, how would your toes feel and move ?

So, how would you feel to practice yoga without one of your senses ? It could be interesting to feel, to sense the difference, to experience such an important change in your body. The sight is probably the sense you could lose for the time of a yoga practice. This is something I want to do with you. (come to my class next week we’ll do this together).

In the meantime, step at the top of your mat, big toes together, place a blindfold on your eyes. Breathe. Connect to your breath. Feel your feet ground into the floor, lift your toes, move them. Contract your glutes, stable pelvis. Inhale lift your arms to the sky, exhale fold over your legs, inhale flat back place your hands on your shin, exhale fold. Repeat 5 times. Place your hands on the floor, right leg steps back, right knee on the floor, inhale lift your arms to the sky for low lunge. Inhale and exhale. Inhale, exhale hands on the floor step to plank, inhale go forward on your tippy toes, exhale lower yourself halfway, inhale to upward dog, exhale to downward facing dog. Inhale lift the right leg to the sky, exhale, step the right foot between your hands, left knee on the floor, inhale lift your arms to the sky, inhale and exhale. Inhale, exhale your hands on the floor step the left foot forward to meet your right. Inhale flat back, exhale fold, inhale arms to the sky, exhale fold. Do the left leg now.

Continue flowing, adding Warrior 2, reverse Warrior, and if you want to make it even harder, go into side angle and then, half moon pose (let’s see your balance! 🙂 Feel, explore, breathe and please be careful.

Hope you’ll enjoy this experience and I wish you a safe practice.

Love, Live, Light

Marie-Julie xox

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