The sitting disease : Approaching yoga movement

Did you read my latest article on the “The sitting disease”? If not, go back and read it before coming back to this one. Please 🙂 don’t forget to come back to this one, you’ll like it. Lol

As you know now, sedentarity is the disease of the 21st century. And what can we say about that awful posture you have? Yeah, I see you making adjustment, spine straight, shoulder blades down in your back, let go of tension in your neck, head straight STOP BRINGING YOUR HEAD FORWARD AND DOWN you’ll grow old like ” The Hunchback of Notre Dame”!!! And come on, your kids are watching and reproducing everything you do, including your posture.

Stand up, and move a bit while reading this amazing article. 🙂 Oh and you come to my yoga class tonight? Alright, there’s definitely lots of work to do. FYI I won’t be able to fix everything in your body if you don’t change your own habit, but let’s do the best we can together, in my yoga space.

As a teacher, I want my students to work hard, but I want to respect their body as much as I can, providing them with tools to prepare hands, wrists, shoulder, feet, and many other articulations, for the asanas of the physical practice. So my first cue : During the day, stretch your arms, move your legs, stretch them, bend your knees, squat, lift something, open your shoulders, grab your hands behing your back and open your shoulders, roll your wrists and if you can, don’t wear shoes (next article will be on shoes!!!).

You get into my class, after spending… let’s say 12 hours without moving properly and we have 60 min to get into complex yoga postures…I won’t make a miracle! But… we will start our practice laying on our back in Savasana what we called commonly Corpse pose, then bringing our knees close to our chest, rolling left and right, keeping the right knee in, extending the left leg on the mat, slowly moving to create warmth in the right hip flexor, compressing the internal organ with our knee to our chest, now switch leg. Maybe adding a light twist, shoulder lifted and squared lower back to protect the lumbar spine. Followed by rock and roll on the spine a couple of times to seated postures. Arms stretch to the sky and lateral flexion, protraction and retraction of the scapula, moving your shoulder blades closer and away 🙂 After this, we will do some wrists stretch, and right after a first table pose, press your hands firmly on the floor and get into Cat Cow stretch. Stepping to the top of our mat, going slowly, with the breath into a Half Sun Salute, inhaling half way, exhale to fold, inhaling arm to the sky, exhaling to fold, again and again, bending at the knee. Following this, going into a Full Sun Salutation, with low lunges, stretching hip flexor, psoas, lifting our arms to the sky, external rotation, and shoulder blades lowered in your back.

As you warm up, we continue focussing on the breath and moving with more confidence. But that’s not it, you’re not ready to go into a standing split! Oh no! A good yoga teacher (see my other amazing article entitle “A good yoga teacher” ), will know what difficult pose will be the peak of the practice sometimes a couple of hard poses, and will guide you through the appropriate stretching and strengthening the muscles you will need to get at this particular peak pose. And if you don’t understand why, go back and read my article entitle “A world free of injury: euphemism? “Of course you can do anything you want, that’s your choice, but in my class I want to know that my students are present to learn and understand better how their body works and create slowly a culture of better yogis and yoginis. And if I come talk to you and tell you “please don’t do that in my class”, it’s only because you are doing something I know is dangerous for your body, right now.

If you want to be the best yogis and yoginis you could ever be, start by taking care of yourself and moving more, stretching more, opening more your shoulder. Try to be more focussed and conscious of your body, your posture, your back. Sit less, move more. REGULARLY 🙂 That’s the key.

Watch my blog for my next article on SHOES !!! And feet 😉

Enjoy your week, I hope to see you soon in my class.


Marie-Julie xox

Love, Live, Light

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