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Thinking outside the box

Two weeks ago, I had a “Aha moment” (did you know it’s the way to write this expression according to Merriam Webster dictionary and Oxford dictionary!?). OK Let’s get back to business 🙂 I started to think about other possibilities and application of my new knowledge and change the way I do things with my own body. If you haven’t had the amazing opportunity to read this other article from my blog (Lol) The sitting disease: approaching yoga movement you should definitely have a read 🙂

So here’s the story : I feel pain in the right upper cadran in my back, (I was thinking a deep muscle, maybe longissimus thoracis muscle or a superficial muscle, either the lower insertion of the infraspinatus or the rhomboid major ) around the shoulder blade, but closer to the spine. It’s been annoying me for…1 ½ year (I know…). You know that annoying pain that makes you frustrated, asking again and again my amazingly nice husband (I get bonus points here 😉 to massage the painful area. I’ve seen a physio, she applied ultrasound, and we did this repeatedly but no improvement.

I’ve seen a trainer who had a theory. As a yoga teacher, all I do is pushing my weight: push up, upward dog 🐶,  etc. So, his theory was that my “pulling muscles” in my back were weak and that’s why I felt pain. So, I started a new physical training program. My back strength probably improved but the back pain in my shoulder blade area did not disappeared or even get better.

I’ve got really tired of that pain being there all the time. Time for a little introspection. Do I have an emotional pain?  Is there something bothering me? Feeling a ton of bricks on my shoulders? I’m a mother of 3, a wife, I work full time and I teach yoga, do I really need to answer this? But seriously I’m good.


Let’s get to basic. Can I be moving “wrong”? Is it possible that I do something repeatedly with my body causing this pain to myself? Yes, it’s possible,  but what? What is the natural movement of my arms? At first I thought it was Chatarunga, you know that half-plank pose (I have already what I call a “Chatarunga elbow” sometimes it still hurt and it never came back fully, I need more tune-up balls love :)), but it is not the case. I started observing more my posture, weight bearing pattern, gait pattern, and general posture. What do I do all the time that my affect my body this way?

And I found (the “Aha moment”) something that I do ALL THE TIME: wearing my purse, medium size, pretty much full all the time, always on my right shoulder. My purse on the shoulder, created an abduction of the right arm, lifting the right shoulder blade up and out. ALL THE TIME. Completely restricting the natural movement of my arm, flexion (forward) and extension (towards my hip to the back of my body).

Our arms are made to move in many directions, from adduction to abduction, flexion and extension, rotation at the shoulder joints. And their resting position is adducted to the body. Not overhead (don’t sleep with your arms overhead it’s not their natural position).


Now I place my purse inside my backpack which I wear on both shoulders and tight to my body  and when I don’t have my backpack (let me tell you that I am real found of my backpack ;)) I change the side I wear my annoying purse (annoying but necessary full of treasure;)). And I move my arms with natural movement. Hum happy shoulder blades 🙂

So my point here is to ask you to think outside the box, to see what the doctor, physio, chiropractic doctor, etc, can’t see because they don’t see you MOVE.

I remember one of my teachers telling us about a pain he had in his left shoulder’s rotator cuffs and he questioned himself on his posture and natural movement and he realized that he has been on the road for the past 3 weeks, driving in the beautiful Summer breeze, open windows…with his left elbow jack up to the window frame his hands lifted up to the upper door frame. 🙂

How equals are your hips when you drive? Do you place your left foot on the resting area?  Did you know that it has been designed to have both legs and hips in an equal position? Do you lift your shoulders close to your ears when it’s cold ❄ or when you’re stressed out? Think about it, often :), and lower 👇 your shoulders and shoulder blades in your back.

Ok that’s it for now, enjoy your day and your good posture 😉

Marie-Julie xox


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