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#Weekendcoffeeshare Sat 16 April 2016

I’m so glad to see you today, how are you doing ? You are so amazing to take that time out of your full schedule to have a coffee with me. It’s so crazy this week, I’ve been working my “day” job, and I’m teaching 14 yoga classes ! And you know what ? I LOVE it ! 🙂

Oh yeah, before I forget, I have an amazing visitor at home. Mark is here for 12 days, it’s Dennis’ identical twin brother, he is in his 21 days vacation from his tour in Ukraine. It will be an amazing 12 days of yoga, cross-fit and wine 🍷 😉

I’m teaching a 9am class today and 11am tomorrow, you should come. Mark and Dennis will be taking a Fit class at Studio Fit and I will be teaching hot yoga at the Studio Yama I’m teaching Caro L’s class, it’s the end of the school year and everybody are crazy busy. How’s Mark doing ? I think he’s great, he got here and I was impressed, he gain muscles, a lot ! It’s so funny to see the difference between the twins 🙂 Because they work 7 days a week and long hours, the only thing left to do is to hit the gym, so he goes 7 days a week. But what I found even cooler is that he practice yoga on the camp. He says that there is yoga classes offered by the Americans, it’s not Hot yoga, but it’s yoga !

He says that it helps him to stay grounded and concentrated, and to be calmer also. Their work is in a training school but it’s still Ukraine… not the safest place on Earth. But at least, there is yoga 🙂 So he continues during he is in mission, to attend classes and it keeps him focused on the target, which is coming back home in August.

Yeah we’ve missed him a lot, but tour vacation is great it allows us to see him for a little while before he gets back there, and he sees his brother and our kids too. So he has a 12 days pass at the Sportheque a gift from me 🙂 and he will be able to attend all my yoga classes and maybe try other teacher during his stay. We work during the day in our “day job”, so he will have time to do all the classes he wants.

I really have to go, but it was so nice to see you. I’ve missed you, let do this another time, would you ? Maybe come to my class, and we’ll have tea or coffee after ??? 🙂


Marie-Julie xox

Love, Live, Light

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