About Me

Gatineau/Ottawa, CA

As most of us, I’ve been searching what I wanted in life. I’ve been a ballet dancer for many years, a lawyer in several fields, a military officer, a wife and a mom to 3 amazing children. With time, I’ve learned that I love reaching out to people, connecting and helping them.

“Yoga has changed my life in so many beneficial ways, giving me the tools to slow down, bringing increased awareness to my body and breath. Increasing my intuition has allowed me to heal both body and mind.”


Yoga has been the fundamental key for me moving through life with serenity, courage, and curiosity. Today, I teach because my yoga practice has made such a positive change in my life, leading me towards the healthiest, happiest version of myself and that’s worth sharing! I take great pleasure in helping others gain the benefit of yoga; getting to know their body, feeling good, and passing on the healing benefits to improve their lives.

I like to keep people inspired with strong creative sequencing. I love to teach an uplifting, strengthening sweaty practice. I teach dynamic, core focused flow classes, detoxifying flow, fusing energetic sequencing and smart transitioning. I wish to share my expertise in anatomy, strength & stability while instilling the importance of proper alignment. I hope to connect and to share my love for yoga, to provide every Yogi and Yogini with body awareness along with a long-term safe asana practice.

“My Dream is to provide the space for others to land on their mats daily and continue to transform from the inside out.”


Marie-Julie xox



819-665-3697 cell


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